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"Coal" Cat and the Dogs
Life at Dyer Farms........
Healthy, Happy Puppies
Dyer Farms
Welcome to Dyer Farms
Home of Healthy, Happy Puppies

Dyer Farms is located 60 miles south of Iowa City, Iowa. We are
close to the Illinois and Missouri borders. Choose your next fur baby
from a breeder who loves dogs and puppies as much as you do.
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Phone: 319-931-5961 Sue

Can't Make it to Iowa?
Your puppy can be
flown to your nearest
major airport.
Guaranteed Healthy
All of our puppies are
up-to-date on vaccinatiions
and de-wormings.

"Annie" -Yorkie & Princess of the Farm
"Charlie" - Sweet AKC Cavalier King Charles
"Sally" - My Little Beagle Angel
Call Sue

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Fur Kids of Dyer Farms
....a series
Updated 12/05/16
Miniature Schnauzer Puppies for Sale

New Puppy Owners
2015 New Owner

"Ginger" - Rescued Catahoula of 7 years
Very proud of herself for once again worming
her way indoors.  Love her!!!  Not for Sale

"Joni" - Yup, she's ornery...
Mega-coated, Black & White Parti

"Bo" -  Sweetest Beagle Boy I've ever had
"Batman" - Beagle Sire here at Dyer Farms
Carrying on our line
"Sally" - My Little Beagle Angel

"Betsey" - Spayed rescue who now has a new
Sweet girl, kind of shy, dances to be picked up
Silky Terrier - around 7 years old
Homers & Rescues

Dyer Farms
" Marilyn J. Noll Schnauzer Haus"
est. 2011
Dedicated to my mom, who loved all living creatures

Fur Kid and Resident Trouble-Mker
Coal Cat
Please call 319-931-5961 if you want to secure a puppy.  E-mails will only be answered as time permits.
AKC Miniature Schnauzer
AKC Miniature Schnauzer